Your Guide To Choosing The Best Pink Bongs

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If you’re looking for a pinker bong or a more beautiful bong, you’ve arrived at the right place! Beautiful pink and purple bongs are available to add a touch of femininity to your smoking routine.


Dab Rigs For Women


You’ll notice that some of Herfairytale’s feminine waterpipes come with either a bowl or a crystal banger when you get to the checkout page. It is possible to utilize these specialist components in conjunction with concentrates (dabs) or your herbs; nevertheless, if you do not find a suitable option, do not be concerned. In the event that you want to dab while wearing your feminine rig, these “bangers” are available separately in their accessories section. Bowls and bangers in the colors purple and pink are plentiful in their assortment.


Silicone Or Glass Bong


It’s possible that one or more of their tall pink feminine silicone pink bongs grabbed your attention. While silicone rigs are less expensive than their glass bongs, you will miss out on some of the finer elements that a feminine glass bong can bring to the party. While it is true that feminine silicone bongs are more resistant to breaking, they feel that a girly glass rig is more appealing if you have the means to get one.


Where To Buy Pink Bongs


For those who aren’t afraid to put on their lipstick and go shopping, a local headshop might be a good place to start. Whether, on the other hand, you’d rather not to spend hours looking for a beautiful bong and an online feminine bong catches your eye, this article will recommend checking to see if they have the bong in stock!


Process Of Cleaning The Bong


In the same way as any other bong, girly pink bongs may be cleaned in the same ways as any other bong. It is necessary to use isopropyl alcohol and Epsom salt. Once you’ve filled the bong halfway with the two herbs, cover the top and bowl openings with a zip block back and fasten it in place with a rubber band. Shake your girly bong hard until the salt and alcohol are completely dissolved and your fluid is completely black in color. Remove the bong’s contents and thoroughly rinse it with water until it is shining clean.


In order to clean your bowl and downstem (if applicable), use the same techniques as previously, but this time use a zip-lock bag. After filling the zip-block back with your solution, give it a good shake to ensure that the solution percolates through your accessories. Afterward, just rinse the glass pieces with water to return it to their original state! Female bongs should be chosen with care, and the shape, feel height, and qualities of female bongs should all be taken into consideration when purchasing one. Avoid getting the feminine bong only for the reason that it is really pink. have an excellent lesson here that examines the many types of bongs available, as well as a website that discusses the various types of percolators that a bong may have to accommodate different strains of cannabis. While you may want a girly bong just for its feminine features, it is equally important to get a girly bong that is functional as well!’s smaller feminine bongs range in size from tiny (at 2 inches) to roughly 6 inches in diameter, making them more portable if you’re looking for a smaller, more portable female-gender bong (8 inches). Pink and purple versions of these feminine bongs are also available; they’re little and portable, so you can take them wherever with you and your cosmetics!