What to do if you place unleaded petrol in the diesel tank

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If you just realize all of a sudden that you have the wrong fuel in like placing unleaded petrol in the diesel tank, you don’t have to panic.  You will have to stop yourself from having to ignite the engine and ensure that you call the wrong oil sos to help you in rectifying the mistake that you just made.

Common problem

To put petrol in the diesel engine is much more common than you might be thinking, and it is not something which you should feel bad about. With various people swapping cars among family members or rental car hiring for work, placing the wrong fuel in the car is something which many people do every day. You must remember that, so long as you quickly act, you won’t have any long-term car damage.

Why you will not be able to place petrol in a diesel engine

To place unleaded petrol in the diesel car is very bad because petrol engines do work on temperature which is much higher as compared to the diesel engines, and thus, it will not be able to lubricate the system the way it needs to.

There are certain fumes which come from the fuel which can end up sending the car in distress, which is the reason as to why you have to be very fast. Once you can realize the mistake, there will be a need for you to speak to the station.

The garage assistant will help you in pushing your car away to a space that is free while making a call to the Wrong fuel SOS.

You shouldn’t turn the engine on

If you have placed the unleaded petrol in the diesel tank, make sure that you don’t switch on the engine because you will end up flooding the areas of the engine with the wrong fuel. It is something that can easily be fixed by the Wrong fuel SOS, clearing your car of petrol and having the correct fuel in your car in the shortest time possible.

The roadside specialist assistance ensures that your car gets ready to hit the road before you can be able to drive away. This will be done by having to turn the engine and checking that all is acting the way it needs to after clearing out.

The main problem when you place the wrong fuel in the car is air bubbles being created. They can end up occurring when you extract petrol from the diesel car and thus you should ensure that you rely on the expert for doing the job.

Roadside assistance 

If you end up realizing that you have placed the wrong fuel in your car, you should pull it over where it is safe to exit your car. Turn off the car and give the experts a call so that they can come and assist you.

Because of the greater problems which your car is going to experience in such a scenario, you might have to tow the car to your home address of the local address that you choose.