Tropoflavin potential cure to diseases

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As people age, there are a lot of factors that forbid them to function normally. As you use your brain continuously, the more it loses cells. The more it loses cells, the more it affects the control in the body. This commonly happens in adults especially seniors ages 60-90 years old. That’s the time they fell a lot of troubles in their body and mind. They say it’s normal signs of aging but there can be a cure for this and can possibly prolong life. It is important that at a young age, people learn to take care of the brain for it’s the most important and unreplaceable organ in the body. It is responsible for the whole function of the body. Brain disabilities are not just possible to happen to elders but they can also possibly exist at any age or even in any gender.


The brain is the most sensitive organ so we must find ways on how to strengthen it so that it could function normally. Luckily, the modern world is now very advance and innovations have been widely benefited by a lot of people. Medical research has been conducted that can extend human life expectancy. The research about plants, animals, and chemicals is still now ongoing to cure disease and improve human health. Examples of chemicals that are now under thorough research are the tropoflavin powder that contains chemical tropoflavin, a plant-derived molecule that is said to be a solution for curing different diseases or brain illnesses. It may cause a large amount of money but if it surely can cure then people will not double think about it.


Here are the diseases that can be possibly cured by tropoflavin powder:


  • Alzheimer’s Disease – This is a common illness for the elderly where they started to lose their memory and forget about a lot of things. They lose not just information but also skills, their brain loses the ability to remember how to do certain tasks that disables them to function properly. Symptoms often occur in age mid-60s. Tropoflavin powder is believed to be a solution for this disease since it reduces stress in the brain, prevents cognitive dysfunction and memory deficit, it also prevents synapses from being ruptured, and reduced amyloid plaque formation.
  • Parkinson’s Disease – it is a brain disorder that restrains the body from functioning well such as making the body stiff, not able to walk or loss of balance and coordination. It also weakens the ability to talk. This disease may occur at different ages and is hard to cure. Because of science and the discovery of tropoflavin powder, finally, there’s hope to cure this disease since it prevents the brain from losing dopamine-related neurons and dopamine-sensitive neurons. In this case, it improves brain nerves and synapses that help the brain to function properly.


There’s nothing wrong with hoping but it takes a lot of time and effort before it comes to a final conclusion. It takes more pieces of evidence to be able to find out if this would be really effective to cure these diseases.