Top 3 Advantages of Using Animated Icons in Gif Files

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In recent studies, the benefits of animated icons have been extensively studied. It has been observed that animated icons have a significant positive impact on the understanding of the functions icons representing different tasks.


The study also found out that some major problems related to the use of animated interactive icon  in web user interface design are also discussed. After reading the discussion we can come to know the benefits of animated icons in a better way. Moreover, it will be possible to understand the usability of these icons more and improve our work efficiency as well.


In the list of benefits of animated icons, we find two main categories, which include benefits for usability and benefits for aesthetic purposes. We also come across two other categories, which include the benefits of animations in web content and other forms of media such as images. Both of the categories of animated icons prove the fact that animation is useful in web content management and also forms an integral part of web page designs.


When it comes to the aspect of usability, no doubt animated icons provide great advantages. This is mainly because they make the task of navigating difficult and complex.


As we know the icons used in the web are simple dots and squares with two or more color options, thus the simplicity of these icons is another advantage of the feature. Moreover, the fact that they are animated makes them easier to identify, and they are also easier to customize.


Another advantage of the animated icons is related to the image formats used. animated icons are available in the raster image formats, which have their own sets of image processing issues.


For example, when we use the rectangular shape of an icon, it takes more time to load and recognize the color combination associated with it. This means that when the same image is used in the GIF format, it takes less time to load and recognize the color combinations.


So, if we want to take full advantage of the animation features of the icon, then we should try to convert the clip arts that we create into raster image formats. In addition, we should try to minimize the use of transparency and add shadows to sharpen the images so that we can create a great digital experience.


By the way, another advantage of the animated icon is related to the type of format in which we are going to store the clip arts. For example, if we want to create a GIF image from the clip arts, then we can simply use the GIF format. This way, we will be able to create a great digital experience.


The third advantage of using animated icons is related to the support offered by web browsers. We need to note that the majority of the web browsers are not capable of displaying the bitmap graphics that we create using the GIF image format.


However, there are a few web browsers that are capable of supporting the gif files containing animated icons. To ensure that the users have a great digital experience when they use the browser, we need to ensure that the web browser that we use is capable of offering support for the image formats containing animated icons.