Eight Mistakes That Are Killing Your House Sale

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It can be frustrating and demoralizing to work hard at selling your house and not get any offers. But it’s important to remember that we can do things to make our homes more appealing and sellable.

In this blog post, I’m going to share 8 mistakes that could be killing your house sale–so you don’t have to experience the same frustration!

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First: The first one is to make sure your home is clean and clutter-free. Buyers go on a visual journey when they come through your house, so you want it to be pleasant for them.

Also, consider getting rid of personal items that might give buyers the impression that things in your life are more important than selling this house!

Second: The second thing is to paint the interior of all rooms white (or another light colour). The goal with painting should always be neutralizing colours like yellow or blue–which tend to recede visually from our eyes–and making other colours pop out more.

A dark-coloured room will seem compartmentalized and congested, while a lighter one makes spaces look larger and cleaner.

Thrid: Another mistake people often make putting too many rugs on the floor. While carpets are great for making spaces feel warmer and cosier, they’re not practical in selling a house!

You want to be able to show your home at its best–and that means showing it without any obstacles like furniture or rugs getting in the way of buyers seeing how great your space is!

Fourth: Another mistake people make when trying to sell their homes is over decorating with knickknacks and other items.

Remember: you want potential buyers to imagine themselves living there–not wondering what some random object belongs to, who used it last, etc. So focus on creating empty surfaces (like bookshelves) to display things like family pictures instead.

Fifth: The fifth thing I want to mention is that you wish to have your closets and storage spaces organized, decluttered and cleaned.

Nothing makes a house look smaller than when there’s stuff jammed into every corner–and potential buyers can’t even imagine how they’d store their things in such small places!

Sixth: The fifth thing I see people do all the time is not staging their home properly for showings. You don’t necessarily need to buy new furniture or decor (although it couldn’t hurt!), but make sure everything looks clean, well-maintained and put together nicely.

People like seeing homes with personality instead of ones where everything feels too serious, so try adding some funky pillows, throws etc., if necessary!

Sevent: Another mistake homeowners tend to make during the sale process is not negotiating or making low-ball offers. If you’re constantly rejecting these, buyers will start thinking there’s something wrong with your house–and they’ll go somewhere else!

Remember: it doesn’t hurt to try out different strategies and see what works best for you.

Eight: I want to mention the last thing that people tend to hold onto their homes too long before putting them on the market.

So if you’ve been trying to sell yours for over six months without any luck yet, maybe now is the time to think about other options? For example, you could reduce the price or even rent it instead (immediately).


In conclusion, if you try to avoid these common mistakes, your house should sell much faster and for a better price!