Conservatories South Wales – The Best You Can Have

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Each of us has our favorite part in our house. Every corner of your home tells us something. From our kitchen to our favorite bedrooms has its own story. Come with me and let’s take a tour of our house.


The Five Main Parts Of A House


Living Room


When you enter the house the most common part of the house that you see is the living room. This serves as the entertainment room. This is where you can entertain your friends and guests. Most living for big houses are connected with a lanai or an open area for extension.


Other houses choose their entrance as an extension for their living room. They install panel glass roofings and windows for brighter ambiance through the help of conservatories south wales. Some go for their lanai and let conservatories south wales improve its surroundings by using glass panel doors and roofings. This setup is great and quality assured.


Kitchen Area


Kitchen is a room for food preparation. It consists mostly of equipment used in preparing and storing food like stove, oven, washer, refrigerator and many more. Kitchen has three main parts:

  • Cooking are
  • Cleanup area
  • Food storage and preparation


Dining Area


This part of the house is almost adjacent to the kitchen. It is where families bond together while fulfilling their stomach wishes. Though mansions do have more than one dining room, for  common people their dining and kitchen are all in one room.




Bathroom is one main part of a house. It’s hard to imagine a house without a bathroom but there are cases like this. Today there are many lavish designs for bathrooms that really get attention. They are comfortable to the eyes. Still whatever your bathrooms looks like it must be clean.




This is the most comforting room. For people like me who love to read, my bedroom is my relaxation room. Bedrooms serve as an area or place to sleep, study and relax. The most typical bedroom is rectangular with a bed, closet and a window. For bigger houses closets are not included in their bedroom, they have separate rooms for their dresses called dressing rooms.


Additional Parts Of A House


These are the most basic parts of a common house. But big houses like mansions, villas, apartments, and other houses have many extra rooms like:

  • Utility room – equipped with appliances used for washing and other domestic work.
  • Study room – also known as library or office room.
  • Nursery room – room for babies. Sometimes used as a schoolroom for the kids.
  • Attic – also known as loft found right below the roof. Most used as a storage or hangout area.


Our home is our refuge. Whatever part it may have as long as we are secure, safe and comfortable then appreciate it. Give our best to make it comfortable in every part of it. Cleanliness is one of the best ways. A clean home is pleasing and soothing to our eyes, by maintaining it we can say that we love our home.