Buy the best quality Shoulder Holsters available in the market

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For buying the best quality shoulder holsters, you can refer to Patrick’s website that offers you a variety of holsters. Read the article to know more about shoulder holsters that can be customized and used according to your requirements.

X-Carry Shoulder Holster System

X-Carry Shoulder Holster System has features that have the lightest and most versatile harness. If you do not want a heavy holster to carry around in the waist or under your arm, then you can opt for this type of holster.

The strap is flexible and will allow easy movement. You can use it for up to a complete day. This harness will hold the firearm close to your body as you attend to your everyday activities. Wearing the strap, you won’t feel like carrying and wearing a burden on the shoulder.

If you carry small and medium-sized forearms, then an X-Carry Shoulder Holster system is preferred. It comes with leather printed quality and is durable. If you invest in a good quality holster, then it will be usable for up to 2 to 3 years easily.

Leather materials usually cost high and so you need to verify the product before purchasing in local stores. On Patrick’s website, all the holsters are first verified by a team and only then put up on the website.

HD Carry: Heavy Duty Shoulder Holster

HD Carry holster is a heavy-duty shoulder holster. It is a wider harness as it helps to distribute the entire pain evenly over the shoulder. You can use these holsters to carry around heavy firearms and for a longer period.

It provides remarkable comfort and concealment. It holds close to the body and removes sudden movements preventing injuries to the shoulder. It is a favorite product among the larger frame customers.

Be it a heavy-duty holster or a simple double compartment holster, you can head over to Patrick’s website and order your holster. They provide the best quality material available in the market. They can be trusted as they have been in the market for quite a few years now.


Patrick’s takes great pride in offering holsters of good quality material. They do not offer holsters at a cheap rate for low-grade material. They take time to customize orders and make sure to provide a piece of the holster which is durable and of great quality.

This makes them the brand to look up for holsters. Shoulder holster’s price usually ranges from $100 upwards and up to $ 250. They seem to be of a higher price as all the holsters are made up of leather. Leather too comes in different quality types. Patrick’s website uses the best quality leather products to manufacture holsters.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about shoulder holsters and how products in Patrick’s company are manufactured. We have also read about wider holsters and stronger holsters that can be sued to carry heavier shoulder firearms.