Atemschutz (Respiratory protection): Foods to Eat to Boost Our Immune System

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Before the existence of the Covid-19, people are becoming so much addicted to the foods that are made available over the counters. A huge number of every country’s population is loving the foods that are offered in the fast foods chains. While these foods might really be satisfying to eat, but most of them are not really advisable to be eaten on a regular basis. People also need to control their habit of eating oily foods. When we eat, it is better to be aware of the nutrients that are present in it so that we can get motivated to eat more of it. Since there is a threat of the deadly virus that have claimed the lives of many people already, it is important to boost our immune system so that we cannot easily be defeated by the intense symptoms once we get infected by it. This is the perfect time to eat healthy and nutritious foods.


All of us needs to know the significance of eating healthy foods so that we can battle this pandemic better. It is said that the best way that we can help elevate our situation is to cooperate to the rules and protocols that are implemented by our respective local government. In addition to that, we also need to take the initiative of taking good care of our health.


One of the most important protocol that was implemented is the wearing of Atemschutz (Respiratory protection). It safeguards our health since we can be really vulnerable to the aforementioned virus. The Atemschutz (Respiratory protection) is designed to protect the humans from getting worse bacteria and viruses that might worsen the underlying health condition that we might have. In this article we will be tackling about the foods that you need to eat in order to boost your immune system. This is for the betterment of everyone, so be sure to get informed about these following foods.


What to Eat


  • Leafy Vegetables

Leafy and green vegetables contains nutrients and vitamins just like iron, protein , vitamin C and etc. Those nutrients can help you to have a stronger body.


  • Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which is essential in boosting the energy and immune system in a human’s body. This is a more natural way of making yourself healthy aside from drinking the vitamin C that are sold in the market right now.


  • Apart from eating fruits and vegetables, you also need to eat fresh fishes and meat. Those contain protein and carbohydrates to help you get more energized. You need to choose the ones that are fresh and not stored for a long time already. The fresher, the better.


The foods that are mentioned above will definitely help you to have a healthy body. Part from the fact that we all need to have a stronger immune system right now, we also need to eat those foods in order to lengthen our lives. Eating oily foods are totally okay but they should be eaten with moderation.