1 Solution, Detox South Florida

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South Florida is the hub for substance detox. Several Americans visit every year for alcohol, drugs or other substance abuse detox. One of the best detox south florida is 1 Solution Detox. 1 Solution Detox is located in Palm Beach County. They see the influx of patients from all over Florida and the entire nation.

1 Solution Detox is popular for its exceptional care provided in a luxury environment. The care is phenomenal due to the low patient census. They make sure that the quality of the treatment is never compromised.

1 Solution Detox has accreditation from Florida regulating bodies. It is even accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission accreditation is specifically for treatment providers. Such accreditation ensures uncompromised patient care. 1 Solution Detox always believes in the right of detox or addiction treatment. All the patients have a smooth, dignified and respectful journey at detox south florida.

The family of the patients can stay assured about the safety of loved ones availing detox at one Solution Detox. They have got highly professional doctors who take care of the detox journey. They offer medication to ease the compilation faced due to withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse. This in turn helps in a smooth transition phase.

The detox journey is greatly important. But, aftercare is equally important. After the successful completion of the detox journey, the experts at the detox South Florida curate a unique roadmap for post-recovery care. The aftercare plan is designed by keeping in mind the close family members and associates who contributed to the recovery. The experts will guide you till the end of detoxification and beyond.

The luxury facility of 1 Solution Detox is designed with all modern equipment and amenities to offer a pleasant stay at the detox South florida.

The basic layout of the facility has group rooms and a cafeteria. The group rooms and cafeteria are open 24/7 for the patients. The facility even has common areas. The basic equipment at the common areas are couches, board games, bean bags, TVs, digital games, books and other recreational items to engage the patients. The purpose of the common rooms is to ensure sensory stimulation, socialization, and comfort.

The detox south florida centre include the service of 3 meals each day in their detox plan. The menu is designed by nutritionists to offer overall nourishment to the patients when they recover.

Rest is an essential prerequisite for the success of the detox journey. At 1 Solution Detox, the rooms of the patients are equipped with a memory foam mattress that is hybrid and infused with green tea gel. The room is even equipped with appliances such as television and headphones. The nursing experts monitor the movement of the patients 24/7.

The detox south florida centre perfectly understand that every individual has a unique healing capacity. The detox progress is subjective. They encourage proper rest to heal the body completely. In short, they make sure to treat any kind of mental ailment to avoid any relapse.